Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

25 January, 2010

"Scavenger" by Wumpscut, album "Bone Peeler" (2004)

you were always on this earth
you're not guilty you're not birth
mother nature gave you life
mother nature keeps you alive


mother nature takes your life
mother nature keeps you alive
you were always on this earth
you're not guilty you’re not birth

an obscured song about our role in earth. We think that artist considers humans and any form of life as an eternal unity-entity that simply changes forms through the ages, maybe close to Gaia concept.

you can hear this song in youtube

12 January, 2010

"Theatric Symbolization Of Life" by Agathocles (1992)

Mutilated Regurgitator

There is an animal
With mutilated guts
Caused by vivisection
But now escaped and MAD

And this animal
It is coming back
To crush all companies
Which support such acts

The Accident

It was August '87
And the butchers were working
In the bloody slaughterhouse
They killed so many animals
To satisfy your lusts
Some vegans want revenge
I think we know so
Well, what do you think of this?
The wife of the butcher
She suddenly pushed out
And this meant her death
'Coz she got impaled on a fleshhookk

The hook grinded her throat
And then it found its way
Thru her mouth, to the brains
Oh god, she bled to death

Well ya vegans
Are you satisfied now?
Not that we are against you
'Coz we are vegeterians
But some of you vegans
Think they are more than us
That attitude sucks
Why do you ignore people
Who chose to eat meat
That's their choice
Some of them do care about animals
Doesn't that count anymore?

Forced Pollution

Produced poison
That's in the air
We breathe
So it's in our blood

Maggots'll bite
Our guts to shreds
We are sure that
Death shall rise

Forced pollution
Punishment of mankind
Forced pollution
Until death do us part

One by one
Our bowels burst
And our body
Will be filled with pus

No-one can help
'Coz we are rotting
And that's our fault
So enjoy the decay

Consuming Endoderme Pus

Animal slaughter, it continues all the time
The meat-industry is growing
But I'll tell you, what I'll do you to you
You, ignorant consumers!!

I'll undo you from your skull
Consume yer endoderme pus
I'll eat the maggots meal
By chewing on your corpse

I'll tear open yer thorax
Wind up yer innards
To feed my hungry stomach
And to stop yer filthy greed

Songs by Agathocles about pollution, torture and maltreatment of animals in experiments, abattoirs in a consuming meat society. We think that the major problem is the industrialization of stockbreeding where they breed animals in very bad conditions and used them as "res" and not respect them as living creatures. If animals live happy lives as their biological structure imposes, and if we eat meet not as a basic but as a supplementary food, there'll be no such an immoral attitude towards animal lives. Humans eat meat through the ages from primitive times up today, also primates eat not only fruits and roots, but also small mammals, reptiles, etc. The respect of the victim we use as food is what is lost, its eternal torture as "res" not its suden death after a happy anomal life.

As we notify in older posts, the vivisection is a completely useless practice, non-scientific and sometimes dangerous when extrapolating conclusions to humans. For more details follow the next links:
Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine

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