Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

25 September, 2010

"Verlorenes Paradies" by Vicky Leandros, from the same titled album (1982)

Sagt mir, wo ist das Paradies.
Sagt, wer die Welt zerstoeren ließ.
Sagt mir, warum der Fisch im Fluß
und auch die Blume sterben muß.
Wer bringt den Wald in Gefahr?
Wer baut Mauern und Straßen,
wo ein Maerchenland war?

Sagt wer zerstört ein altes Haus,
wer schüttet Gift auf Felder aus,
sagt mir wer hat die letzte Spur,
den Baum, den Strauch, das Stück Natur
in unserer Stadt betoniert?
Sagt mir, waren das nicht wir?

Verlor'nes Paradies -
wie schoen und wie bunt und wie friedlich
koennt' diese Welt sein.
Doch wir steh'n vor dem Ende.
Seht das endlich mal ein.
Verlor'nes Paradies -
wir schau'n einfach zu
wie man uns aus dem Himmel vertreibt.
Ob die Erde auch morgen
fuer uns liebenswert bleibt,
liegt an uns ganz allein.

Ich sing' fuer Dich.Ich sing' fuer mich.
Ich sing' fuer jeden, der hier wohnt.
Wir brauchen wieder einen Traum,
fuer den es sich zu traeumen lohnt.
Ich sing' fuer Dich.Ich sing' fuer Euch,
fuer alle Menschen auf der Welt.
Ich sing' fuer alles, was wir lieben
und fuer das, was uns gefaellt,
ein kleines Lied, ein kleines Lied
fuer das verlor'ne Paradies,
fuer uns're Wälder, uns're Wiesen,
uns' re Felder, uns're See'n,
Singt alle mit, singt alle mit
und singt so laut wie ihr nur könnt,
damit die Wunder dieser Erde
nie im Leben mehr vergeh'n.

Verlor'nes Paradies -
Wir schaun einfach zu
wie man uns aus dem Himmel vertreibt,
Ob die Erde auch morgen
fuer uns liebenswert bleibt,
liegt an uns ganz allein.

Translation- from google

Tell me where is paradise.
Tell me, who could destroy the world.
Tell me why the fish in the river
and must die, the flower.
Who brings the forest in danger?
Those who build walls and roads,
fairyland where one was?

Says who destroyed an old house
who pours poison on fields
tell me who has the last trace,
the tree, the bush, the piece of nature
concreted in our city?
Tell me, do not we?

Forlorn Paradise -
as beautiful and as colorful and as peacefully
Could be this world.
But we stand before the end.
Behold the last one times.
Forlorn Paradise -
we simply schau'n
as we are selling out of the sky.
Whether the earth tomorrow
for us is lovely,
is up to us alone.

I sing for Dich. Ich sing for me.
I sing for everyone who lives here.
We need to see a dream
for which it pays to dream itself.
I sing for Dich.Ich sing for you,
for all people around the world.
I sing for all that we love
and for what we like and
a little song, a little song
for the lost one paradise
for shortness of forests, meadows shortness,
We 're Fields, shortness of lakes,
Sing with all singing, all with
and sings as loud as you can,
to the wonders of this earth
never in my life vergeh'n more.

Forlorn Paradise -
We simply gaze
as we are selling out of the sky,
Whether the earth tomorrow
for us is lovely,
is up to us alone.

A song about what we are going to lose when we abuse environment. Vicky Leandros is a Greek SInger who made successfull carrier abroad between 60s and 80s with two successful participations in EUROVISION song contest with one win.

You can hear this song in youtube

10 September, 2010

Civilización by Los Piojos, album: Civilizacion (2007)

Hay algo que está sonando
seguro que ya lo oías
la tierra está vibrando
con distinta melodía.

Ni dioses locos de furia
ni demonios vengativos
ni naves extraterrestres
ni algún cometa perdido.

La historia es mucho más clara
y tiene también sentido
la tierra se está quitando
de encima al peor enemigo.

Vienen los cuatros jinetes
cabalgando vienen digo
agua, tierra, fuego y aire
vienen de tu propio ombligo.

Oh oh oh oh,
cosas de la civilización.

Que todo ya está montado
que millones de despidos
el camino es complicado
quizá como nunca ha sido.

Anoche soñé con Manu
y esta melodía cantaba
alguien encendía un asado
alguien de lejos llegaba.

Y si viene un río gris
que separe al mundo en dos
quisiera quedar del mismo lado
nena que vos. (bis)

Un nuevo desierto,
un nuevo granizo,
saben quien lo hizo
anda por acá.

Dios perdona
al hombre a veces
la naturaleza nunca,
anda por acá.

No te olvides del mamut
que no termino el vermouth
No te olvides del mamut
que no termino el vermouth por alla
Y si viene un rio gris..


One thing is ringing
sure you heard it already
the earth is vibrating
with a different melody.

Neither gods mad fury
or vengeful demons
or alien craft
a comet or lost.

History is much clearer
and also makes sense
the earth is being removed
off to the worst enemy.

Come the four horsemen
I come riding
water, earth, fire and air
come from your own navel.

Oh oh oh oh
things of civilization.

Everything is already mounted
that millions of layoffs
the road is difficult
perhaps as never has been.

Last night I dreamed Manu
and singing this tune
someone lit a barbecue
someone from far away arrived.

And if there comes a gray river
that separates the world into two
I would like to be on the same side
baby than you. (Bis)

A new wilderness
A new hail,
know who did it
walking around here.

God forgives
man sometimes
nature ever
walking around here.

Do not forget the mammoth
not finish the vermouth

Thanks to our friend Teresα from Argentina, another song about the impacts of civilization to nature. But nature fights back and all todays disasters are not god's revenge or of some metaphysical cause....

You can hear this song in youtube