Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

05 July, 2017

10 years Rock & Ecology

We celebrate the ten years of our blog, by choosing some of our favorite rock songs:

Our first post Bob Dylan-A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall” (5 of July 2007)

and some of our faves:


05 June, 2017

"Be the rain" by Neil Young & The Crazy Horse, album: Greendale (2003)

Save the planet for another day
"attention shoppers, buy with a conscience and save"
Save the planet for another day
"save alaska! let the caribou stay"
Don't care what the governments say
"they're all bought and paid for anyway"
Save the planet for another day
"hey big oil, what do you say?"

We were runnin' through the night
Never knowin' if we would see the light
Paranoid schizophrenic visions
Livin' in fear of the wrong decisions

We got to wake up
We got to keep goin'
If they follow us
There's no way of knowin'

We got a job to do
We got to 
Save mother earth

Be the ocean when it meets the sky
"you can make a difference, if you really try"
Be the magic in the northern lights
"six days....six nights"
Be the river as it rolls along
"it has three eyed fish and it's smellin' strong"
Be the rain you remember fallin'
"be the rain, be the rain"

Yeah rain was fallin' and we're soakin' wet
Hail is beatin' down on our heads
The wind is blowin' through our hair 
Faces frozen in the frigid air

We got to get there
We got to be there 
Before the big machines

We got a job to do
We got to
Save mother earth 

Dream the hunter on the western plain
"the birds are all gone, where did they go?"
Dream the fisherman in his boat
"he's comin' home empty, he's barely afloat"
Dream the logger in the great northwest
"they're runnin' out of trees, they got to give it a rest"
(there's no other way to cut it)
Dream the farmer in the old heartland
"corporate greed and chemicals are killin' the land"

Next mornin' sun was up at dawn
She looked around and earth was gone
Dark visions he had last night
He needed peace, he needed light

He heard the rumble and
He saw the big machines
The green army rose
It was a bad dream

He had a job to do
He had to 
Save mother earth

Be the ocean when it meets the sky
"greek freighters are dumping crap somewhere right now"
Be the magic in the northern lights
"the ice is melting!"
Be the river as it rolls along
"toxic waste dumpin' from corporate farms"
Be the rain you remember fallin'
"be the rain, be the rain"
Save the planet for another day
"be the rain, be the rain"
Be the river as it rolls along
"be the rain, be the rain"

We think it's the best choice for the day of the environment

07 May, 2017

Anne Clark – Poem For A Nuclear Romance, album: Changing places (1983)

What will it matter then 
When the sky's not blue but blazing red 
The fact that I simply love you 
When all our dreams lay deformed and dead 
We'll be two radioactive dancers 
Spinning in different directions 
And my love for you will be reduced to powder 
The screams will perform louder and louder 
Your marble flesh will soon be raw and burning 
And kissing will reduce my lips to a pult 
Hideous creatures will return from the underground 
And the fact that I love you 
Will die 
You don't have to sleep to see nightmares 
Just hold me close 
Then closer still 
And you'll feel the probabilities pulling us apart.

13 April, 2017

"Radioactivity" by Kraftwerk, album "Radio-Activity" (1975), remix (1991)

Lyrically, the 1975 version of the song plays upon the meaning of its title, with the line "Discovered by Madame Curie (In fact, Natural radioactivity was discovered by Henri Becquerel (and independently by Silvanus Thompson); induced radioactivity by Irène Joliot-Curie, Marie Curie's daughter. Curie coined the term "radioactivity").

The song was re-recorded as a radically different version for The Mix album in 1991 and was issued as a single in an edited form with remixes by François Kevorkian and William Orbit. While the original does not offer a value judgement on the safety of radioactivity, the 1991 version drops all references to radio and incorporates additional lyrics with a pointed anti-nuclear theme, remaking the central lyrical hook as "stop radioactivity" and also referring to "contaminated population" and mentioning by name Chernobyl, Harrisburg (Three Mile Island), Sellafield and Hiroshima.

The band performed the Mix version at the "Stop Sellafield" concert in 1992. The song was performed during Kraftwerk's set at Coachella to commemorate the anniversary of the Chernobyl incident on April 26 (the date of the band's performance). Live versions of "Radioactivity" feature on both English and German versions of the band's 2005 live album Minimum-Maximum.

In 2012, Kraftwerk performed the new remix of "Radioactivity" during No Nukes 2012, held in Japan. To commemorate the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Hütter sang alternate lyrics to the song in Japanese, at one point even name checking Fukushima. This version of the song also has notable lyric changes such as "Chernobyl, Harrisburg, Sellafield, Fukushima". This altered version of the song is also the version Kraftwerk performs live to this day, albeit with the second chorus switching back to the English or German lyrics sung on the Mix version, depending on where they perform. (Wikipedia)

26 February, 2017

"April 2031" by Warrant, album: Dog Eat Dog (1992)

They say the sky used to be blue
I don't quite believe it
It's probably always been the color that it is
And there were cotton candy clouds
And birds to fly through it
Just stories we all love to tell our kids

So I'll close my electronic door
And keep the cold outside
And hug my aluminium pillow
Oh so tight
And pray the radiation doesn't
Make me sick tonight

They say there used to be wind
That wasn't caused by fans
I wonder how it would have felt in my hair
And the nuclear ring
Around the Moon was caused by man
If it was, then it's much to late to care

So I'll put my safety goggles on
And gaze out at the sun
As the artificial atmosphere machines
Give off a constant hum
In a world that's cold and
peaceful April 2031

No more sky and no more trees
April 2031
No more oxygen to breathe
April 2031
No more hate and no more war
April 2031
Nothing left worth fighting for
April 2031

As far back as Vietnam
We should have learned our lessons
But we closed our eyes
And sent our sons away
And they told us we were winning
As they sold more ammunition

Some were angry most just looked the other way
And the night's illuminated
By the endless glowing sand
That swallowed all the oceans
And choked off all the land
In a world beyond resuscitation
Even by God's hand

No more mountains no more sea
April 2031
No more you and no more me
April 2031
No more music no more songs
April 2031
No God left to blame it on
April 2031
No more children playing
April 2031
No more need for praying
April 2031

a post-apocalyptic song after a nuclear warfare. 1992-2017 we thought that this threat was on its way to dissapearance, but american people elected a person that declares to bring back this nightmare again.