Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

27 August, 2009

Greece was bunt out again!

A ska song by ska-bungies written for this new tragedy. It calls us to take resposibility and action against corrupted governments that have yield forests to building societies and promote antiforest laws serving certain private interests

21 August, 2009

Pink Floyd's Best of "Echoes" was promoted as Carbon neutral

Music industry can't be out of the spirit of the time, the global warming concern, especially when such a perspective will be a very good profitable investment. In a co-operation with the The CarbonNeutral Company (ex Future Forests), a consulting company for planetary carbon reduction, they promote Pink Floyd's Best of "Echoes" as carbon Neutral, supporting a forest planting campaign that compensates for the carbon emmisions of the production and distribution of the album. We read in PR Newswire:

Pink Floyd breathe life into new forests

Future Forests help Pink Floyd make their latest album Carbon Neutral

Today Future Forests announce their latest music-based project to tackle global warming with an innovative, environmental initiative as Pink Floyd release their forthcoming Carbon Neutral(r) album "Echoes" on the 5th November 2001, through EMI:Chrysalis.

This partnership will result in the creation of four new "long term indigenous" forests around the world in Scotland (Dryhope Burn), India, Mexico and Louisiana in the US.

The number of trees planted will be sufficient to absorb the emissions of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, caused by the production and distribution of the band's CDs. The more albums Pink Floyd sell - the more forests get planted. Pink Floyd fans can get involved by planting trees online at Each will receive a branded certificate and map, and the trees will be planted in the Pink Floyd forests.

Global climate change is the single biggest threat to the survival of our world, and this partnership allows Pink Floyd to communicate with their fans on a global scale.

The music industry was one of the first supporters of Future Forests. All this began four years ago around the campfire at Glastonbury Festival, when Neneh Cherry was so excited about the Future Forests initiative she helped the company talk to other music industry legends including Neil Tennant, and the networking process began.

Dan Morrell, founder of Future Forests says, "Our climate is changing. We can all do something to stop the problem escalating - and no action is too small. Alongside reducing emissions at source, forestry has a real role to play, soaking up some of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are proud to be working with Pink Floyd and their fans, to help make a difference."

Pink Floyd's new album "Echoes" is released on the 5th November 2001, and is a career spanning retrospective 2 CD set of 26 of their greatest hits.

Notes to Editors

Future Forests' support from the music industry includes Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys, Afrika Bambaataa, Alex James, Joe Strummer, Neneh Cherry, Billie, Atomic Kitten, UB40, Damien Hirst, Glastonbury Festival and Tower Records (and many more).

* Future Forests, leading international environmental business, works with business and the public to deliver simple and effective solutions to global climate change. The service was founded and built on the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through 'gold standard' forestry.

* Future Forests' Carbon Neutral(r) symbol is applied to a wide variety of its client operations, products or services. The symbol signals to staff, customers and the public that Future Forests has used best practice carbon offset projects to absorb or balance an equivalent amount of CO2 from the atmosphere to that released in making the product or delivering the service.

* Future Forests' clients number over 90 businesses including Barclays, Avis, Mazda, Hilton Hotels and the RAC; 10,000+ members of the public; and a growing number of celebrities.

* Future Forests' 'gold standard' offset projects are those which remove carbon dioxide emissions in ways which protect and enhance the natural environment, and which support the socio-economic development of the societies in which the projects are established.

* The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM) is a specialist team of scientists and advisors in carbon management to government and industry. ECCM works with Future Forests to undertake emissions assessment and to conduct regular inspection of all planting sites to how many trees need to be planted in specific areas to re-absorb the promised level of carbon dioxide.
Let's now hear some old Pink Floyd's songs in memory of the late Syd Barrett:

13 August, 2009

Artemis-Euthymis & Eutychia sing for ecological awareness

We present an interesting performance in a Greek concert, a combination of three songs, one classic greek by Hatzidakis/Gatsos “Persephone’s Nightmare” (having been presented a year ago by us) performed by “Eutychia” and two hip-hop songs by the hip-hop duet “Artemis/Euthimis” (ex-Terror X Crew), “Scientific Certainty” and “Solar Nature”. We present only the parts of lyrics that performed in the concert and include ecological messages.

We must notify that this hip hop duet was originally anarchist concerning their political orientation, but today they seem to adopt nationalistic views of the extreme left in Greece. No matter this unpleasant turn they keep on being considered as one of the most prominent hip hop performers in our country.

(Εφιάλτης της Περσεφόνης)
Εκεί που φύτρωνε φλισκούνι κι άγρια μέντα
κι έβγαζε η γη το πρώτο της κυκλάμινο
τώρα χωριάτες παζαρεύουν τα τσιμέντα
και τα πουλιά πέφτουν νεκρά στην υψικάμινο.

(Επιστημονική πραγματικότητα)
Λοιπόν στη Νέα Εποχή μας περιμένει μια νέα έκπληξη:
ταύτιση του πολιτισμού με την τεχνολογική εξέλιξη.
Μονόφθαλμη η ανθρωπότητα βαδίζει στον νέο αιώνα
χτίζοντας κτήρια υβριστικά ψηλά στη νέα Βαβυλώνα
Τ'ανθρώπινο σώμα θα υποστεί εξευτελιστική τυποποίηση
Λογισμικά θα πλάθουν ανθρώπους "κατ'εικόνα και ομοίωση"
Ικανούς για επιβίωση παρά την χημική αλλοτρίωση
και μόλυνση που δεν δέχεται αποτοξίνωση
Πλήθος οι χημικές εισβολές σε ακτές και πηγές
προκαλούν οικολογικές αλλαγές
Προετοιμάζουν τον οργανισμό
για μη οργανικές μεταλλαγμένες τροφές
με γενετικές επιρροές
για φυτείες ανθρώπων που ευδοκιμούν στ'αστικά κέντρα
δίχως χώμα και δέντρα, μόνο με ηλεκτρικό ρεύμα
Σ'ένα δάσος από κεραίες
μ'αναμεταδότες στα κομβικά σημεία
συχνότητες υποκαθιστούν την ανθρώπινη επικοινωνία

(Εφιάλτης της Περσεφόνης)
Κοιμήσου Περσεφόνη
στην αγκαλιά της γης
στου κόσμου το μπαλκόνι
ποτέ μην ξαναβγείς.

(Νέα προσθήκη στίχων)
Ολος ο κόσμος σου βρίσκεται εμπρός σου
Και κάθε λάθος του είναι δικό σου
Ολος ο κόσμος σου βρίσκεται εμπρός σου
Είναι στο χέρι σου, κάν’τον δικό σου

(Ηλιακή φύσις)
Αεροπλάνα που πάνω τους δε φέρουν αναγνωριστικά
μας ψεκάζουν από ψηλά με χημικά συστηματικά,
Φθόριο και χλώριο σε πολύ μεγάλα ποσοστά
εντοπίζεται μέσα στα πόσιμα μας ύδατα σωστά;
Τεχνητά δημιουργημένοι ιοί και βακτήρια συχνά
πυκνά ξεφεύγουνε μέσα από τα εργαστήρια.
Σκόπιμα η αγορά με μεταλλαγμένα τρόφιμα
κάποιοι θέλουν να αλλοιώσουν τον γενετικό μας κώδικα.
Παρεμβαίνουνε στα κλιματολογικά φαινόμενα
βιονικές δυνάμεις εναντίον μας και όπλα αθόρυβα.
Μας κρατάνε μακριά από την ελεύθερη ενέργεια
και όλο εντείνεται το ηλεκτρονικό φακέλωμα.
Μας βομβαρδίζουν με υποσυνείδητα μηνύματα
υπνωτικές υποβολές, ναρκωτικά και μικροκύματα.
Ακόμα βιοτσίπ ενέσιμα και εγκεφαλικά εμφυτεύματα.
Παρ' όλα αυτά δεν μπορούνε να μας κάνουνε τίποτα!

(Νέα προσθήκη στίχων)
Ολος ο κόσμος σου βρίσκεται εμπρός σου
Και κάθε λάθος του είναι δικό σου
Ολος ο κόσμος σου βρίσκεται εμπρός σου
Είναι στο χέρι σου, κάν’τον δικό σου

and the translation:

(Persephone's nightmare)
Where once herbs were grown in the fields
with leaves and flowers full of fragrance
Now there’re plants making concrete and steel
and birds fall dead in melting furnace

(Scientific Certainty)
So, New Age has a surpise for us
Equation of civilization and technological progress
A blind humanity enters in the new century
Constracting arrogant tall buildings in the new Babylon
Human body will suffer an abusive standardization
Computer programs will create identical humans
Able for survival despite the chemical alienation
and irreversible pollution
Full of toxic invasions in coasts and springs
cause ecological changes
They prepare our organism
For non-organic GMO foods
with genetic transformations
for plants of humans thrived in urban environment
without soil and trees, only supplied by electric power
in a forest of antennas
with broadcasters in central places
frequencies substitute human contact

(Persephone's nightmare)
Sleep away Persephone
inside earth’s embrace
never, never come up to our world again

(New addendum)
All the world is in front of you
And its every mistake is yours
All the world is in front of you
It’s in your hand to make it yours

(Solar Nature)
Airplanes with no indetification signs
Spay us with chemicals continuously
Flour and Chlorine in high concentrations
Traced in our drinking water
Artificial viruses and bacteria
Escape from laboratories
They release on purpose GMO foods in markets
Some want to alter our genetic code
We intervene in climatic phenomena
Bionic powers and silent weapons point against us
They keep us away from the free energy
Electronic keeping in file is in progress
They showered us with subliminal messages
Hypnotic suggestion, narcotic and microwaves
Injectable biochips and brain implants
But they can’t do anything to us

(New addendum)
All the world is in front of you
And its every mistake is yours
All the world is in front of you
It’s in your hand to make it yours

08 August, 2009

Stratovarius, album: Visions, 1997


Late at night I find myself again wondering and watching TV.
I can't believe what's on the screen, something that I wouldn't care to see.
Many rare species will perish soon and we'll be short on food.
Why do we have to be so selfish, we've got to change our attitude.
I know that I am no the only one that's worried,
why don't we all wake up, and realize.
Like the birds in the sky we are flying so high,
without making any kind of sacrifice.
We've got so little time to undo this crime or we'll lose our Paradise.
It seems to me that there's no sense at all, nobody cares it's always the same.
Mother nature's crying out in pain I know we're the one's to blame.


I have seen the future of mankind,
The wisdom of my prophecies you'll find.
Follow the truth and be careful, are we the last?

Hundred years has passed what have we done,
Inconceivable damage under the sun.
I think it's too late to change the man - we are the last.

The world keeps turning while people yearn for more,
Mother nature is crying for change,
The time will come when we all must pay for what we have done,
Are you prepared for that?

As we are reaching the end of the century
There's message we can send,
Be strong and bold and never lose your mind
'cause we are the last.

The world keeps turning while people yearn for more,
Mother nature is crying for change,
the time will come when we all must pay for what we have done,
Are you prepared for that?

Signs of the end I see,
Let them hear my voice in every corner of the world,
Take heed of the warnings that I give,
I have seen the Southern Cross forming in the sky.

"There shall be heard in the air the noise of weapons
and in the same year the divines shall be enemies.
They shall unjustly put down the holy laws
and by thunder and war, true believers shall die"
[Nostradamus: Century I V:43]

"For forty years the rainbow shall not appear
For forty years it shall be seen every day
The parched earth shall wax drier every day
And a great flood when it shall appear"
[Nostradamus: Century I:17]

After us the road goes on forever
Many changes lie along the path
That's the price we pay for our selfishness
We are headed for the end

"From the skies shall come the powerful kind
Before and after the Mars reigns at will
Not far from the great age of Millennium
Buried ones shall come out of their graves"
[Nostradamus: Century X:72, 74]

When the comet tears out the sky
You and I must die
After all this the time will come for the chosen ones
To rise from their graves to be free again

The beast is gone forever, there's no more pain
Instead so many things for us to attain
The sun is shining brightly after the rain
The land is green and full of life again

The sorrows wiped away now
It's time to smile
And learn from the past
Together we will try

"Twenty years of reign of the moon having past
Seven thousand years another shall hold his monarchy
When the sun shall resume his days past
Then is fulfilled and ends my prophecy"
[Nostradamus: Century I:48]

A wonder about people's ignorance for their destructive activities at the expense of nature and their consequent uncertain future.

You can hear these songs in youtube