Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

14 January, 2008

Album: Sonic attack by Hawkwind, 1981

Lost Chances

Crystal evenings, long ago,
Twisted winds and weeping snow
We missed a turning in the past,
Is there anything that can last

The race is run, the time is right,
Get out your gun it's time to fight
And all our dreams just turn to dust,
Look to the future forget the past

Mistakes you've made can't be redeemed,
They are made because you dreamed a dream
Honest sunsets turn to paint,
The lie you tell becomes a taint

The house you built reverts to dust,
The sword you held it turns to rust
The lies you tell destroy your will,
The price you paid you're paying still

And the rocks in the river grow higher and higher
As the water gets lower and lower
There are ghosts in our lives that will not fade
There are ghosts in our lives that will not fade,
Until we've paid

A song about irreversible changes done by humans, either in nature, or in society and about a price that must be paid

We're living on a knife edge

Everytime I go out, I think I'm bring checked out,
Faceless people watching on a TV screen
Do you begin to sense it, just beneath the surface
Reflections of a window whilst walking down the street
Computers are abused, school records are fed
Police are checking on what you said
The number of your car's fed into a box
Your journey's being checked, it's a paradox
Duplicate forms, and ID cards are next in line to disregard

Future generations are relying on us
It's a world we've made - Incubus
We're living on a knife edge, looking for the ground

The need of a safe society created an orwellian everyday life. There is also a concern about what society future generations would inherit from us.

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