Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

15 January, 2009

Album: "Scarsick" by Pain of Salvation (2007)

Kingdom of Loss

Someone sells us Toys
in a cheap cartoon

Someone sells us Cars
in the latest Bond
that's coming soon

Someone sells us Trends
through a sitcom star

Someone sells Herself
in a docu-soap that goes too far
Life is on sale!

"Could someone please just tell me what happened?
I mean, first we pay for fast-food
that will make us all fat and tired.
So then we pay for elevators,
so we won't have to climb the three stairs up to our apartments.
Then we buy freaking stairmaster machines
So we can burn away while watching someone make real food on TV.
Now, if that doesn't make us winners I don't know what will.
I bet we would hang ourselves if the world would just cut the slack.
And now you think maybe you should see a shrink,
Help you feel alive again - yeah, that's a plan!
Just tell us who to pay.

Someone sells us Man in a White House speech
Then Woman tightly pressed between two bouncing breasts, on a Baywatch beach
Someone sells us Us everywhere I turn
Then introducing Them to earn stock-points on our concern

All for sale, all for sale

Welcome down to planet Earth
Please don't ask us what it's worth
You will notice that the world you found
Is slightly tattered and worn down

Someone sold us every stain
Now if you wish to complain
There's an open spot at 6 PM
It's when Caucasia is listening

If you're tearing down my world
Please just try to do it gently
There is love inside
For a dream that has to die

"See, it's really all about time and choice.
The fast food saves us enough time to squeeze lunch in exactly when we want it.
The elevators save us just a little more, the StairMaster
lets us choose exactly when to walk the stairs.
Time is so important these days, it's becoming a fucking disease, and I guess in a way it is since it's bound to kill us all in the end.
Now with all the time and money we stash away on others' expense,
I can only assume that the tickets to hell are really expensive.
For some reason, it's important to be first in line."

Someone sells us God in 2-for-1 with Shame
Someone sells us War and the marketing looks just the same
Someone sells us Fear on TV each day
a shape for every taste; if the flavour's right, we gladly pay

All on sale,
We're all on sale,

Welcome to the only Earth
Please enjoy your only birth
You will learn to take more than you give
Buying scars you must live with
Someone sold us every scar
They somehow made us what we are
We all want that spot at 6 PM
But no one is really listening

No - not anymore
We're all too busy buying Sex, buying War
Buying Self-confidence, Security, Insurance Plans
Just buying More & More

As you're tearing down our world
Please just try to do it gently

There's still love inside
For the dream that has to die

As you're tearing down our world


Cold skin
Black mind
Blue light
Shut down
All white

Cold fact
Core mine
Black gold
All sold

We're waiting, so close your eyes
Relax and take a deep breath now
Believe the lies
When you wake up you'll be democratized

Cold pin
Blood crust
Damp sheets
Stale smiles
Sick bed

Gone wrong
Blue lights
Bring me home

We're waiting, so close your eyes
Relax and take a deep breath now
Believe the lies
When you wake up we'll all seem nice
So close your eyes
Just take another deep breath now
And fantasize
Pretend the world we're forming
Is a paradise

Why can't I close my eyes?
Why can't I just be hypnotized,
Industrialized and privatized?
All mesmerized

'Cause I can see
And what I see around me makes me paralyzed
Yes I can see
And what I see is not worthy a democracy
It's uncivilized
So please close my eyes
I don't want to see this undemocratic,
semi-automatic mediocracy and hypocracy
Pretending we're free
Under plastic flags waving dependency
For this idiocracy

Close my eyes...

Flame To The Moth

I long for the summer
I long for the sun, gently touching my face
I'll open my eyes, let it burn every splinter
Unleash desert storms on its way to my heart

And I had this coming every day of my life
This is where I stop fighting, eyes open wide

You took this blade and cut a wreck
And in one blow laid bare your neck
Where did we go wrong?

I once had blue eyes, hungry and wise
Now they are black from this dark age of lies
We're all privatized, industrialized
We capitalize on the beams in our eyes
It's all in the eyes

Eyes - tearing with sorrow
Burning with anger and passion and lust
The swift wind of thought
Of wildness and laughter
The soil of defiance
The firm ground of trust

(we had this coming - every day of our lives)
(we should start fighting for eyes open wide)

But I am put here, in this world gone insane
Where everything's for sale
From nature, over stars down to DNA
Then I can gladly say
That I'd be the first to break that norm
Any day, any way
And the last to join the ranks
To hunt down the Daily Threat
Or any other brand of prey

You took this blade and cut a wreck
And in one blow laid bare your neck
Where did we go wrong?

We once had blue eyes, probing the skies
Now they are blackened from this modern life
All privatized, industrialized - a failure
Offensive and sore to the eye

One small step for man
Maybe this time I'll fly
And if I hit the ground, it's the way we all die
We are wrecks of the cut
Soups of the season
With dollar sign scars
From this dark age of treason

We all know how to cry
Then we learn how to smile
How to smile
We're all telling the truth
Tell us the truth!
Then we learn how to lie
And oh, how we lie
Now we lie

When you bow your heads tomorrow
At the world we build today
I want you to remember
That I stood my ground and said no (say no)
I said no...
Say no!

Three songs that deal with our manipulation and alienation through consumerism, our dependence from useless things that allegedly make easier our lives. In fact many of them weaken our mind and health. Behind all there is the increase of profits, the industrialization, privatization and commercialization of anything can be patented and be sold.

You can hear a cover of “Flame to the Moth” in youtube
You can hear songs from this album in their myspace

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