Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

12 May, 2009

Album: "Terra incognita" by Gojira (2001)


Every Step you take is to the end
Chaos, duplicate the human slaves
Mother Nature so far away : Why?
Perfect is the race you dream

Right now, I make my choice
Perfection you fake is not
The soul, not a genetic code
You fools, you ignoramuses

Hatchery, the newborn to celebrate
Ashes to ashes, I see respect in the dust
Life is so perfect

Now for the weak an abortion
Celebrate perfection that grows
The flesh, a gift of science
The soul a fault of a god

Life on its way to the state of fire
From the cold taste of steel
Light embraces the dark, lava flowing free
and the cradle is...
Forgot the reasons why - We all lie so pale
On the playground of cold
Mother Nature is at saturation point
and the cradle is falling down...

In The Forest

I want to live in the forest
Between the roots and the branches I lay
On the moss I sit, I want to rest by the river

I want to live in the forest forever
The power of trees, I want to feel forever
Connection with life, animals, and stars

Between the roots and the branches I lay
Meditate the light wide open to the stars
Speak of the whales, deep in the oceans
Speak to the planets, deep universe

Thanks to an Anonymous friend we'll present the four up today works of an environmentally aware French metal band "Gojira". We start from their first album "Terra incognita"

The first song is a warning for the dangerous experiments of science with modification of gens and biotechnology. The second is an escaping song to nature and forests. We read in wikipedia about the album title:

According to text on the album inlay, the title "Terra Incognita" refers to the area inside of each man, where, according to Hindu legend, Brahma hid the divinity that he had taken from humanity for the punishment of its abuse

You can hear some songs from this album:

In the forest
Satan was a lawyer
Fire is Everything


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