Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

25 November, 2017

"Destroy the Machines" by Earth Crisis (1995)

"Inherit the Wasteland"

Destroyed in the hands of the deranged
Mankind's will has been imposed upon the earth as though we
Were alone and if our actions had no consequences
Man crushes all that bars the way on this path to annihilation
Taking for themselves while the other inhabitant's
Lives are given no consideration
Inherit the wasteland! Spilled oil contaminates the sea
Inherit the wasteland! Poisons fill the atmosphere
Inherit the wasteland! Toxins infect the ground. Inherit the
Wasteland! Deforestation scars the earth
The rainforests burn. Countless animals die
We must regain control or there will
Be nothing left to save. The harmony of nature
Twisted into dischordance. Left to die in the aftermath of their destructive
Sightlessness. Time is running, time is running
Time is running ... Time is running out

"New Ethic"

This is the new ethic
Animals' lives are their own and must be given respect
Reject the anthropocentric
Falsehood that maintains the oppressive hierarchy of mankind
Over the animals. It's time to set them free. Their lives
Reduced to biomachines in the factory, farm and laboratory
Dairy, eggs and meat, fur, suede, wool, leather are the end
Products of torture, confinement and murder
I abjure their use out of reverence for all innocent life
Wildlifes' right to
Live in peace in their natural environment
Without this civilization's interference can no longer be denied
Must no longer be denied
To make a civilization worthy of the word civilized the cruelty must end
Starting within or own lives. Reject the
Anthropocentric falsehood that maintains the oppressive hierarchy
Of mankind over the animals. It's time to set them free
Veganism is the essence of compassion and peaceful living
The animals are not ours to abuse or dominate. I abjure their use
Out of reverence ... I abjure their use out of reverence ...

I abjure their use out of reverence for all innocent life

The name of the band, Earth Crisis, indicates how their members see the current state of the planet and in their lyrics they seek to offer solutions to it; these are either "educational" or encourage direct-action. Most of them focus on rejection of recreational drugs, animal products, animal testing, industrial livestock production, illegal drug trade and an impending earth's doom caused by wars or an ecological collapse. On the other hand, they promote straight edge, veganism, self-empowerment and organizations such as Earth First!, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Animal Liberation Front. In the words of the academic Jonathan Pieslak, some of their lyrics "read like passages" taken from "direct-action essays" of these institutions. Other subjects include criticism against white supremacy and, especially on Breed the Killers, oppressive governments. 2000's record Slither incorporated more topical issues, including genetic engineering and second amendment rights. Their seventh and eighth albums, Neutralize the Threat and Salvation of Innocents, are concept albums entirely dedicated to real-life vigilantes and animal rights/anti-vivisection, respectively. The albums All Out War, Gomorrah's Season Ends and Breed the Killers included essays that delve into their lyrics and beliefs.

In a 1998 interview with Roadrunner Records, Karl Buechner described Earth Crisis' philosophy: "I want to boil it down to one notion: personal accountability. Respect for yourself, respect for the lives of innocent beings around us." He added that "Just being drug-free doesn't make you a good person, you need to use that clarity of the mind to become actively involved in the struggle that is being waged for earth, human and animal liberation." Their message disjoined from the "posicore" attitudes in its advocation for violent direct action. However, they believe that it must be used only as a last resort: "destruction and violence are the last thing I want to see but tragically, they are sometimes necessary. We place so far greater value on the lives of the innocent beings than any type of worth that could be put upon someone who's sadistic or greedy and doesn't want to change their profit system", said Buechner.

The band cited authors Peter Singer, John Robbins and Huey P. Newton as inspirations. In their live shows, there is usually literature about PETA, Greenpeace and others distributed. They have been longtime supporters for organizations such as the Animal Defense League, having done several benefit concerts for them.

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