Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

06 December, 2019

"Bleeding Earth" by Grimaze, album "Planet Grimaze" (2018)

Ashamed of my own kind 
Before the mountain I'm kneeling  
To ask forgiveness 
For all the wounds 
For all the reckless actions 
Why can’t we see
All the tears gathered in the oceans 
And this bleeding Earth 
We're leaving 
For the future children

All this sacred life 
Fading away 
Why are we taking 
Much more than we give 

Close your eyes now
Once more choose blindness
Before the answers
Destroying all
That’s real and breathing 
Sometimes I dream 
Of vicious fire pouring from the stars 
And I feel relieved
To see this madness 
Coming to an end 

All this sacred life 
Fading away 
Where will we go 
When nothing remains

Low we've fallen 
But I can only change myself 
No way out of this 
So I call for waves  
To come wash us away 
I wanna see it all crumble 
Nothing of this world  
Can harm me 
Cause what is real 
Can never be killed

Extreme metal from Bulgaria


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