Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

18 October, 2007

Happiness Is a Porpoise Mouth by country joe and the fish, album: Electric Music for the Mind and Body,1967

The white ducks fly on past the sun,
Their wings flash silver at the moon.
While waters rush down the mountain tongue
My organs play a circus tune.
I dance to the wonder of your feet
And sing to the joy of your knees.
The cold white dress on the mountain breast
Paints the frozen trees.

The maple plants patterns in the sky
Its leaves to kiss the wind
While scores of glittering bugs and flies
Dance polkas on her limbs.
I whistle symphonies of your face
And laugh for your hair so fine.
In startled greens of playground grass
A child jumps rope to rhyme.

Reeds and brass, the marching drums
Make a joyous sound
Trees bend low with nuts and plums
Then fall to find the ground.
I hunger for your porpoise mouth
And stand erect for love.
The sun burns up the winter sky
And all the earth is love.

a very poetic naturalistic love song by an artist of great sociopolitical and ecological awareness.

you can hear this song in youtube:


aigaiopelagitis said...

Country Joe McDonald was the leader and lead singer of the 1960s rock & roll group, Country Joe and the Fish. He was a key figure of the counterculture, expressing his hippie, leftist, anti-war and ecology views. Joe went on to have a long solo career with key albums including:

Thinking of Woody Guthrie (1969) – recorded in Nashville, which at the time was a very odd choice of location for a hippie songster to make an album of leftist anthems

War War War (1971) – a tribute to the World War I anti-war verse of British poet Robert W. Service set to music

Hold On It's Coming – songs about the West Coast hippie movement

Superstitious Blues – with Jerry Garcia playing guitar on some tracks

Paradise With an Ocean View (1977) – included the landmark environmental protest song "Save the Whales"

Paris Sessions – landmark feminism, with a female band, singing songs, written by Joe, including "Sexist Pig".

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