Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

29 March, 2008

Album: Scum, by Napalm Death 1987

Multinational Corporations/Instinct of survival

Multinational corporations
Genocide of the starving nations
Advertise the product you make
Never give but always take

Kill and lie for security
Your shit on supermarket shelves to see
Instinct of survival

The multinational corporations
Makes its profit from the starving nations
Indigenous peoples become their slaves
From their births into their graves

The multinational corporations
Makes its profit from the starving nations
Another product for you to buy
You'll keep paying until you die

Polluted Minds

They not only pollute the air
They pollute our minds
They're destroying the earth
And destroying mankind

Polluted minds
Kill mankind
They don't give a shit
Long as profits are high

They don't give a shit
If people die
Polluted minds
Kill mankind

Point Of No Return

Systematic rape of nature
Profit precedes need
Maintaining economic stature
Steal the fruit yet leave no seed

And of future generations?
What of their inheritance
A world of contamination
Poisoned by our ignorance

Oblivious to reality
Conscience spurned
Beyond the point of no return


The ascension of human intelligence
To atomic genocide
Homo Sapiens = the disease the cause the pollution
Erase the aeons of evolutions
Pushed too far, just a matter of time
Seemingly nothing to halt the tide......
Except the end - accept the end?

some small and ear-splitting songs performed in an outrageous way about nuclear threat, the destruction of environment, exploitation of third world societies, consumerism, etc for only economical purposes by a fistfull of multinational corporations.

you can hear some Napalm Death songs from their early hardcore era in youtube:

nazi punks fuck off

Siege of power

Unchallenged Hate

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