Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

23 April, 2008

Album: Handle with care by Nuclear Assault, 1989

This album is dedicated to planet Earth. It calls us to be aware of its fragility so handle it with care.

Critical Mass

The bio-sphere, the place we live
It seems like we don't give a damn
Other species flushed down the tubes
We need another race to rape

The way we live we will destroy
Every other living thing
'Til none are left except our race
And then we will destroy ourselves

Another oil spill
Atomic waste displaced
Another forest dies
Bring on the acid rain

Slightly insane, the type of greed
That makes a world unfir for life
Toxic wastes destroy the seas
While poison gas pollutes the air

A waste of life, while no one cares
The earth becomes a giant tomb
Critical mass will be achieved
And ruins will be all that's left

Another oil spill
Atomic waste displaced
Another forest dies

A Hell on Earth, what we create
Dragging life to death with us
All living things destroyed or used
By shortsighted human beeings

We do these things, let them be done
Apathy creates despair
The damage done will be too great
The world wounded beyond repair

Another oil spill
Atomic waste displaced
Another forest dies

Inherited Hell

A time in the future, not too far away
The death of our world, we are told
Destroyed by neglect, now breeding despair
The home of mankind is despoiled

Polluted oceans, unbreathable air
The life of the land under siege
Cancer is spreading and wasting the world
And mankind is now the disease

Look upon the world you knew
And say goodbye, it dies with you
Those who live when we are dead
Will curse our names, they 've inherited Hell

The forests are gone and the ocean destroyed
The world we once knew now is dead
The animals slaughtered, wild life in its grave
The sun burns too bright overhead

Cities collapsing and famine runs rampant
A nightmare where once there was life
Radiation and toxins a part of the children
Who will hate us until they die

We never stopped to think or reflect
On what we have done to the world
The heritage we live our children is Hell
A short life in pain what we mold

We 've squandered resources and wasted the land
And left little for those to come
They will have nothing to claim for their own
Except for the Hell we have shown

Two songs about environmental destruction and their impacts to ecosystems and health in many details. It’s significant that the song “Critical Mass” talks about the possibility to exceed biosphere’s capacity to self-regulate our driven by greed polluting and destructive activities. The song “Inherited Hell” calls us to respect our children’s uncertain future, because they are doomed to live in a highly polluted and devastating environment. It recalls us the famous slogan: This planet is not ours. We borrowed it from the future generations”


Wires drilled into my head
Tubes inserted in my neck
Toxins pumped into my veins
This treatments inhumane

Strapped to a table head and foot
Eyes blindfolded, I can't look
My life is all I've left to choose
As your scalpel makes its move

What have I done to deserve this?
Give up your cruel practices
When this nightmare runs it's course
You throw away my useless corpse

A song about the conventional medicine and its cruel and toxic methods to utilize than really cure illnesses (either mental or somatic) that our modern way of life (pollution, nutrition, work) produces. As we say in another similar song by Voivod (Ravenous medicine) alternative medicine is friendly and holistic, taking into account not only external intruders as cause of the disease, but also personality, relations, working conditions, pollution, etc. Disease is an inner imbalance caused by many factors and is treated in a way to restore this balance.

When Freedom Dies

United in a time, a time of need
Against a common foe, the enemy
The years of death endured, the years of pain
Against an evil force, a force not sane

We become the enemy
When freedom dies for security

And then the world endured, a victory won
Against an insane man and his cohorts
But once the war was done, blind fear prevailed
And years of darkness came, freedom was nailed

We become the enemy
When freedom dies for security

We let our freedom die, we let it wane
We feared an enemy's atomic rain
But what was on our minds, what we became
We and the enemy
We are the same

We become the enemy
When freedom dies for security

We become the enemy
When freedom dies for security

A very prophetic song about the well known policy of authorities to invoke the sense of security in order to restrict our freedom and human rights. We can see today this fact in the so-called war against terrorism which is in fact a war against people who resist in the socially and environmentally devastating policy of an uncontrolled economical system led only by greed. We become the enemy when freedom dies for security. We are the real enemy for the system, so we must be controlled and be recorded according to our biometric characteristics, according to our social behaviour, etc not only by local police but by Interpol, FBI, etc and these data can be transferred where is necessary (e.g. the place for G8 conference in order to prevent demonstrations)

You can hear some songs from this album in youtube:

Critical mass

When freedom dies

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