Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

06 April, 2008

Voivod, Album: Killing Technology, 1987

Killing Technology

Thinking about another project
How the hell are they gonna make it
Anyway nobody's gonna object
Even if they make shit

Now you better get wise
Lasers passing through the sky
For me there's no alternative
This sphere is a bad place to live

Growing technology
Fooling technology
Killing technology!!!

The star wars have started up
The new invention is coming out
Making a spider web over the atmosphere
To make them sure that we can't get out of here

Computers controlling your functions
Seems like we got electronic alienation
Trading children for a new kind of robot
Waiting for the old people to disappear

Growing technology
Fooling technology
Killing technology!!!

Use the killing technology
How can I destroy the enemy
Security plans are not easy to find
That's my generation, the nonsense time

You lose your function
You're just a substitute
You lose your function
Glad to see you change

You've got automatic moves
Take your pills to have energy
And sit down in your robotic living room
People are gonna progress

Who knows whether we'll get more or less
Some say it's the beginning of the end
Some say they've got our lives in their hands

Growing technology
Fooling technology
Killing technology!!!

Look at the chaos, how much does it cost
The circuits gleam
Push this buttom, memory runs
You're gonna pay for this

Ready or not, ready or not !!!
Tomorrow is the fear
The fear will come from the sky, from behind!
Tomorrow disappears

The fear will come from the sky, from behind!
Tomorrow is the fear
The fear will come from the sky, from behind!
We are connected...

Canadian Voivod are famous about the futuristic nightmares they describe about the complete domination of technology in humanity. Hmm! We think that today are quite prophetic concerning the use of electronics, satellites, cameras, net, etc in order to manipulate us and to restrict our rights under the alibi of war against terrorism.


It's coming over you!!
Can you see the phosphorescence of the factory
Moving away, out of this territory
The systems became overload
The warning lights were on that night
Nobody knew what was going on
But it will be here for months
Or even years

It's coming over me !!
The ugly underside of the nuclear energy
Brings us today this atomic calamity
The malfunction of the instruments
For this blunders we have to go to hell

It's coming over us
Don't be scared, the engines exploded
But it's just a technological risk
And this thing will continue throughout the ages,
the evolution can't run without damage

Mother nature can't hear you
The China Syndrome will die much later than you....
The China Syndrome...
In the air, it smells bad,
Feel the disease, the nuclearchy
We're lucky, we'll die young
It's hard to endure, to be a mutant
The transformation, is almost complete

Research has no end, containing the power
The dangerous results, it's not our fault
Create the force, we got no fear
Lock the doors, we're engineers
Awaiting to suffocate, purchasing the program
Vomiting the pollution, of energy games
Create the force, we got no fear
Lock the doors, we're engineers
Welcome to the China Syndrome
It's an over...Overreaction !!!

The description of people’s agony (either nuclear plant’s staff, or nearby residents) after they realize that a meltdown is took place in the nuclear reactor. Nuclear energy is a Damocles’ sword under our heads. No matter the nuclear lobby’s claims that now is safe and “clean”, if an accident occurs, the disaster will be forever. And what about the nuclear waste? What, about the restrictions of our lives and rights to prevent a terrorist’s attack? Nuclear energy? No, Thanks!

Ravenous Medicine

Another emergency truck keeps rolling fast
Two lane highway and they run on the wrong track
You still don't know that you're never going back
You're going to the science hospital
You guess that your body is still alive
They estimate you're in pretty good health
Good shape for some of our sadistic tests
Doctor said you must stay in bed
Surgical scourge on you
Surgical scourge on you
Electric shock through you
Electric shock through you
Feel the scalpel they cut you with
Going into the experimental room
How much radiation can your body stand?
You did very well, you'll feel better soon
The red cross is turning black
Wake up in another department
You see the nurse with blood on her clothes
They got another experience for today
Maybe the worst of them
Diagnosing the pain, the ravenous medicine
Discovering the cure, the ravenous medicine
Died through illness, the ravenous medicine
Don't care how many organs you gave
Injecting the drugs
'Till you become the slave
Turn off the machine that keeps your heart beating
They're gonna do it to you

A song that accuses the conventional medicine methods of cure, in an extreme way, but they have a point as we see below. Also we think that they refer mainly to the violent and dehumanizing manipulation of mental disorders.
Alternative medicine and non-drug anti-psychiatric treatment are friendly to patient because they work under different concepts of health and disease, either somatic or mental: that of the respect of the dignity of the patient and a complete different view of what is health and disease, the so called “holistic approach”: An inner imbalance caused not only by pathogens, but by bad quality of life, relations etc which must be repaired and regulated …
…and not in “war terms” as conventional medicine uses to work: an invasion of a pathogen which must be exterminated by chemical methods/antibiotics with numerous and unknown subside effects.
But conventional medicine prevails because of the control of health system by multinational drug corporations and their scientific personnel who abuses alternative ways of cure as crank and pseudoscience.

You can hear some songs in you tube:

Ravenous medicine

Forgotten in space

And an interesting Pink Floyd cover: Astronomy Domine

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