Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

04 August, 2008

"Don't Go Near the Water" by Beach boys, Album: Surf's Up (1971)

Don't go near the water...
Don't you think it's sad,
What's happened to the water?
Our water's goin' bad.

Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams
Have all been touched by man.
The poison floatin' out to sea
Now threatens life on land.

Don't go near the water...
Ain't it sad,
What's happened to the water?
It's going bad.

Don't go near the water;
Don't go near the water...

Toothpaste and soap will make our oceans a bubble bath,
So let's avoid an ecological aftermath.
Beginning with me,
Beginning with you...

Don't go near the water
To do it any wrong;
To be cool with the water
Is the message of this song.

Let's all help the water—
Right away!
Do what we can and ought to—
Let's start today.

A warning about the dangers of pollution for the use of water sources as urban sewage and toxic waste disposal places. But such activities have caused the water pollution and in many cases the use of water was impossible because of eutrofication, heavy pollution and contanination by chemicals, microbes and organic substances. Not only sea or river water but also underground water is in many places inapropriate even for watering farms and cattles. The sources of drinkable water also are diminished by global warming and in Third world countries huge companies like Coca Cola in India or golf fields spend too much water, worsening the existing lack of water for drinking or irrigating use in these territories.

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