Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

04 August, 2008

"Don't go near the water" by Johnny Cash, album: Ragged Old Flag (1973)

Don't go near the water children
see the fish all dead upon the shore
Don't go near the water cause the water
isn't water anymore

From the fountains in the mountains
comes the water running cool and clear and blue
And it comes down from the hills
and it goes down to the towns and passes through
When it gets down to the cities
then the water turns into a dirty grey
Cause it's poisoned and poluted by the people
as it goes along its way

Don't go near the water children...

I was sittin' on the bank of the lake
at home fishin' with my little boy
I said have you got a bite yet son
He said no sir have you daddy
I said I believe I got a nibble
He said daddy if we catch a fish
can we cook 'em and eat 'em
I said maybe we'd better not son
They say it may not be safe
to eat a fish from this water anymore

Don't go near the water children...

A father explains the circle of water and warns his children not to reach water because it is heavily contaminated in a degree that it cannot be named "water" anymore. Such a heavy pollution is obvious in once clear channels, rivers, lakes and closed gulfs. The smell is disgusting, water is grey, brown of green, water animals are dying, pH is heavily alcalic or acidic.

Near our city (Thessaloniki, Greece), such a lake (Lake Coronia) was completeley destroyed, its "water" can be used for battery liquids (!) and life in it vanished completely (by successive mass deaths of birds, fish, mussels), no matter that it was a protected area by RAMSAR Convention. The reasons are the indifference of authorities about this ecosystem who let polluting industries and cities to throw untreated their liquid wastes and sewage in the lake and the heavy agriculture that is applied around the lake based in crops with huge irrigating demands.

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