Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

01 October, 2008

“Evolution” by Korn, album: Untitled (2007)

I'm digging with my fingertips,
I'm gripping at the ground I stand upon.
I'm searching for fragile bones.

I'm never gonna be refined;
keep trying but I won't assimilate.
Sure, we have come far in time...
(Watch the bough break)

And I'm sorry I don't believe,
by the evidence that I see,
that there's any hope left for me...
It's evolution!
Just evolution!

And I, I do not dare deny
the basic beast inside;
it's right here,
it's controlling my mind!
And why do I deserve to die?
I'm dominated by
this animal that's locked up inside!

Close up to get a real good view,
I'm betting that the species will survive.
Hold tight, I'm getting inside you...

And when we're gonna find these bones,
they're gonna want to keep them in a jar.
The number one virus,
caused by procreation.

And the planet may go astray;
in a million years they'll say:
"Those mother fuckers were all deranged!"
It's evolution!
Just evolution!

Take a look around... (take a look around...)
Nothing much has changed!
Take a look around... (take a look around...)
Nothing much has changed!

Why? (why.) (why) (why)
Why do I deserve to die? (do i deserve to die)
(Why? Why? Why?)

A song that ironically wonders if all these human destructive reactions (including towards environment) is a process of natural evolution, expressing also existential pursuits .

You can hear this song in youtube with the interesting humoristic video where there is a debate about a possible decline of human mental evolution

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