Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

10 February, 2009

Album: “Elements” by Atheist (1993)


Suddenly all turns to green!!
(whisper) And a forest cracks a smile
A seed conceals an important part
Of the way we see, the world is ought to be
Plants and trees, initiate the air we breathe
And give us more than they receive
Often times, rooting their stability
The way that they ought to be
But sometimes cut down!

In recent years, the peace upon the greenery
Has fallen to machinery
Tree sap tears, dried upon the slaughtered
Yes man has really made his mark
It's plain to see, the land as it used to be
Is gone for eternity
The cypress cries loud!!
Beauty bears the colour green!!


The air stirs up the galaxy!
The crosswinds of forever become me and place me on
The porch of the breeze
Without my sounds would be silent
No gullible gusts through the trees
Carrying seasons to bring us
The atmosphere we all can enjoy and we destroy

The blur on the horizon disturbs me
It casts a disguise on the sun
In the end it's the wind that will weaken
And the human goes from billions to none
The wind will regain all its motion
And clear the air for the following to...(breathe)
(spoken) The breeze of; a new creation
Moving clouds, from everywhere
Sensing a rainy stare
Smelling the moisture in the air
In the air.

The weather can be deemed as deceiving
To predict the unpredictability
The passion that it peels for the ocean
Air and water sharing laughter
A bond between two forces of nature
All to live and breathe
The breeze of a new creation
The breeze of a new creation.


A bounded sphere of wisdom
Spinning to create the now
Upon it all will wonder who, what, where, and how
Liquid covers most of her features
Sunlight covers one site at a time
Breathes in to keep everything closer
So it's never far away from
"Earth"!!! That little planet on the hill
Turning out days to guide by
Each with its own display
Some with voltage spinning from the skytop
Some with light in a peaceful way
An appearance second to no other
Such a magnificent face
So broad and full of perspective
Known to everyone as...
"Earth"!!! That little planet on the hill
Seems Earth could last forever
But for us it's not the same
The neglect to protect the creation
Leaves us little chance to remain
All in all it seems to go around in circles
Like the path followed by the moon
Enhanced by the human evolution
The wisdom of the
"Earth"!!! That little planet on the hill


I tip my hat to the creation
And its rewarding disposition
Formed by something
Lacking nothing here
Something so divine
A spectacle of "Elements"
Enjoying all the warmth of fire
Longing for the breeze of morning air
Douse myself with the purest water
Something so divine
The spectacle of Elements

As storms approach the mineral
Bringing the nutrients for the green
They feed the lakes of our mother Earth
Sharing forces for the living
Yes the caption seems to be complete
Our gratitude lacks sincerity

We filter our pollution through the selfish
Declaration of only our independence,
Not concerned about the Elements!

An album dedicated to the four elements of Nature, and other natural features like Animal and plant life, minerals, etc as life supporters. In many songs the destructive intervention of humans in nature is pointed.

You can hear some songs from this album in youtube:

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