Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

27 June, 2008

Album: Recycled by Nektar (1975)


Call me down, the time is here
reminding you to slow the wheel
now, nearing the end of the day,
look, never a moment too soon, or late.
Count the hours, the weeks the days,
forcing natures' slow decay
here, as we look down on you there
you, fall on into your web of despair.
Man! You had it all your own way,
Now, salvaging blocks of decay.
Clean the scene;
Change machines!

Recycle Countdown

Talk away, the die is cast
all the day, the reasons last.
Just look what is happening here
see, never a day without fear...It's here!
Calm me down, I have to share
before the world I stand declared.
Hear these words at the end of the day
come never a moment too soon. or late.
Man! You had it all your own way,
Now, salvaging blocks of decay.
Clean the scene;
Change machines!

Automation Horrorscope (spoken by Mo)

Webs of concrete giving off waste dust that marks the search of an age of a thousand vast empires, Sweeping away legends untold to human ears. While shafts of steel clutch the stars, natural supplies...once lapse into eerie silence recycled energy becomes the only form of life as it was and now new forms are moulded from patterns already used in a struggle to survive!
You had me thinking that I lost my mind
but no, it was you.

Thought you'd make it to a better time
'til now, but it's through.
Your castles made of sand
hold out out your helpless hands
going down down down
downdown down down
They take it all
then take much,
no man could ever realize
his mistakes,
They will help you one step down...
sit back... and watch you drown
going down down down
Going down down down
down down down


Here, there, new wonders gently steal,
disguised distorted like moonlit seas
...and I see
you've taken all you need,
queue up, don't fear
there's mans new fortune hear.
Song-birds, recycling, the same old tune,
Still you slave onwards, 'till all is used.
...tho' I'll see
you'll get the life you need,
queue up don't fear,
it's the man who brought you hear.

Flight To Reality

You live in stainless forts,
with glass walls around,
Fight against recourses
with your head in the ground,
A nation's urgent greed
fulfils anothers greed
going down down down
down down down down
Fly across the concrete jungle
high in the clouds
Looking up to crystal mountains so proud.
No need to wonder why
nature slowly dies
going down down down
Going down down down
down down down down.

Unendless Imagination?

Do you see? Do you see?
Do you do you see? Do you see?
Do you see the ruins
of a life gone by?
Built upon by burning towers
lighting the sky,
Imagine you're the prince of eagles
tears in your eyes,
Do you see there's not much time
before we go
down down...
down down down down

Sao Paulo Sunrise

Dream, away on the waves,
using the money you've saved,
Our work is done, we'll bathe in the sun
gonna take a trip let's fly down to Rio.
Some solitude is all that we need,
deserted beach were the air is do free-o.

Costa Del Sol

Cares cast aside
see the seas calm and wide.
Small isle,
virgin paradise,
Warm smiles
floating in the tides.
Find some desolate place
now it's out of the way
Soon, through words passed by mouth,
Friends are crowding you out,
Same place
natures changed its face,
Warm smiles
stretching out for miles.
Searching in haste
Finding refuge and waste

Marvellous Moses

Never thought he’d ever
get his metal boat
to fly in the air,
Moses did it...
With a string at each end,
We nearly all died
when he tugged and he sighed
saying “you are the fools”,
Moses did it...
With his hair tied to his shoes.
Come around here
they say you’ve got something to hide.
I’ve never met a man like Moses
with so much time.
Moses had a thought
to put another hill
on a mountain,
Moses did it...
With a spoon in each hand.
To our surprise
Moses closed up his eyes
saying “show me no rules”,
Moses did it...
With his arms tied to his side.
Come around here
they say you’ve got something to hide.
I’ve never met a man like Moses
with so much time.
Came the great day
Moses tried to drink a lake
for a penny
Moses did it...
O man, he looked heavy
He walked around all day
saying “I’ve got so much pain,
give me a shove”,
Moses did it...
Tourist attraction!

It's All Over

Come tomorrow
I’m going to
be the one that
you will follow.
Your world is so
upside down ‘cos
it’s all over now.
Take the high road and you’ll
take the low one,
see it all through those
passing hours,
These moments seem
so inside out
it’s all over now...
It’s all over!
See the daytime you’ve
seen the darkness I’m
torn apart through those
many changes.
A feeling that
you’ll understand,
It’s all over now.
See me walking and
hear me talking. I’ll
guide you all through those
endless ages.
Your world was so
upside down but
it’s all over now.
It’s all over.
A feeling that
you’ll understand
it’s all over

Maybe the first concept album dedicated to human/nature relation. We have presented many albums of 60s-70s with more than 2-3 songs about nature, but this is the first which has related title, and also seems to tell a complete sci-fi story about a futute technological humanmade environment that consumes and runs out of natural sources. Nature suffers a lot, so do people who try to escape to isolated remnants of natural landscapes, to be soon destructed by turning them to crowded places. At last, the inevitable end is too close to try to stop the tide. We think the track “Marvellous Moses” is ironic about human arrogance for his “magic” abilities to transform huge landscapes for his own sake.

You can hear some songs from this album in Youtube and myspace

It’s all over

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