Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

26 June, 2008

"Death of Mother Nature Suite" by Kansas, album: Kansas (1974)

Every day she gets a little weaker;
The beauty she once knew has come and gone;
We've murdered all her sons and all her daughters;
The blood is on your hands, the time has come . . .
And now she's gonna die!

We've strangled all her trees and starved her creatures;
There's poison in the sea and in the air;
But worst of all, we've learned to live without her;
We've lost the very meaning of our lives . . .
And now she's gonna die!

Once she ruled the earth with love and wisdom;
But we were much too smart to live her way;
With greed and lust we tried to rise above her;
The ignorance of man will reach an end . . .
'Cause now we're gonna die!

It’s a great surprise to us discovering old songs again and again, fortelling the destruction of Mother Nature by human greed and lust. But that strikes him back like boomerang because with arrogance and ignorance he tries to withdraw from our dependence from nature.

You can hear this song in youtube as slide presentation and in live performance


jeniferlopaz said...

The first album, though definitely not their best, shows the genesis of what would soon become the classic Kansas sound. The production is mediocre and there are a lot of rough edges in the songwriting, but spectacular instrumentation is obvious and the album has more than its fair share of great moments. Mysteriously, this album is the only one on which lead vocal parts were about evenly shared by keyboardist Steve Walsh and violinist Robby Steinhardt. Too bad, as Robby's sharp ability to both growl angrily and deliver soft, pleasant, mid-range parts was a great complement to Steve's high notes. Compositionally, it is one of Kansas's two or three darkest albums. Commercially, it was hardly a super seller, but did establish the group a solid cult following and sold fairly well over the long term.

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candiru - stratis aigaiopelagitis said...

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