Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

30 June, 2008

Album: “Thanks For Your Hostility” by Agathocles (1997)

Life Control
Animals infected with diseases,
in so called medical research.
Insane humans are obsessional,
just consider them bestial.
Man's controlling their lifes,
all the sooner the animals die.
Why do people play this kind of game,
so brutal, so insane.
Violating - animals rights
Suffering cries,
Insane humans - animals die.

Another song about the barbaric method of vivisection. See our previous posts about Skyclad and Oi polloi for more details and links against animal experiments

Pollution and chemical breath,
please smell the stench of death
that's spreading in the atmosphere,
without knowing we're dying here.
All these choking gasses suffocate,
unknown horrible diseases penetrate,
cancers are controlling our lifes,
without protest, all the sooner we'll die.

Sick environment full of pollution that creates new difficult to cure degenerative diseases “of civilization” (cancer, pneumoconiosis, heart failure, stroke, etc) replace the retreated infectious epidemics.

He Cared
Sentenced to
Fourteen years
For animal rights
For which he cared
When a murderer or rapist gets less years
the animal - liberator is punished more severe
Keith Mann
got put away
Because he cared
cause he fucking cared
When a murderer or rapist gets less years
the animal - liberator is punished more severe

Green activists that choose dynamic actions of intruding to animal testing laboratories and destroy equipment and release the poor animals are considered criminals and were condemned to many years imprisonment, a judicial imbalance that provokes human rights when rapists and murderers are condemned to lesser punishments. Especially, in USA they are considered terrorists and the number 2 public threat after muslim terrorists. There is a new witch hunt in action that reminds Red Scare of MacCarthyism so the severe persecution of green activists from Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) was named Green Scare.

Mankind's not Kind
Chickens abused in factories
Eggs produced for vital needs ?
Cow are injected to get fat
The poor animals, they just go mad.
Oh yeah, our mankind's not so kind
maybe it's the meat which made'em go wild
the results of all the animals tests
Are of no use for the human quest
to live healthy and never die
They just don't hear the animals cry.

Every time you eat meat you should consider its origin. Is it from a farm in the country where the animal lived its life free and happy grazing in the fields? Or is it come from industrialized farm where animals live in horrible conditions packed like sardines in too small cages treated as productive machines of meat and eggs, inflated with chemical ormones and injected with antibiotics?

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