Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

15 May, 2008

Album: In defence of our earth, by oi polloi, 1990

Thin Green Line

So here we are - a thin green line
Into the nineties, runnig out of time
Extinction of our planet has already begun
but don't let them tell you nothing can be done

Some of us are angry & fighting back
Non-violent direct action is a means of attack
No, we're not giving up without a fight
No nuclar plant here - we're going to trash the site

Gotta be honest, gotta be blunt
If we really want to stop them we've got sab the hunt
Smash that bulldozer, watch the flames go higher
Pull the plug & cut the wire

We get beaten up & send to jail
But I don't care if that's what it takes to save the whales
Save our Earth, save the wilderness land
Are you for us or againts us? Time to make your stand

See that whaling vessel sinking into brine
Taken out by a limpet mine
See those trees standing so tall They've been spiked so they won't fall
See that excavator going up in smoke

Sugar in the petrol tank - that's no joke
Ecosabotage in the dead of night
Like mushrooms break through concrete in the moonlight

Victim Of A Chemical Spillage

Safety rules - corners cut
Just to keep the profits up
Money saved - profits rise
But consequence is someone dies

Victim of a chemical spillage

Safety regulations breached
Critical concentrations reached
Money is saved but a live is lost
Loved ones left to count the cost

Tanker crashin the village
Death could from the spillage
No escape from the fumes
Peoples' homes become their tombs

In the face of corporate greed
Ecodefence is what we need
Read and act upon this text
Or you become the next victim of a chemical spillage

Never forget that one thing that motivates big business is profit. As far as the multinationals are concerned, there is nothing that they will not destroy in their insane drive for increased takings: forests, meadows, rivers, the sea - even their own employees are all seen as expedable. This kind of omnicidal madness is killing our Earth and can only be stopped by mass direct action. Anyone who advocates this of course is branded as an extremist - Yet what could be more extreme than the mass poisoning and polluting of our planet, the destruction of huge areas of rainforest and the wholesale slaughter to extinction of vast numbers of species of animals? It's time to stand up and be counted - If you're not part of the solution. You're part of problem. No compromise on defence of our Earth

Whale Song

Once this magnificent animal swam freely in the seas
But now held captive for human greed.
A miserable "life" behind bars and concrete walls
No companion killer whales to hear its calls.

Yes. I'm sickened by what I've seen
And the mass Faroe Islands pilot whale slaughter is Obscene.
My eyes don't easily fill with the tears
But when I watched those whales scream and die
The tears ran freely from my eyes
To see them murded, hacked apart
Was like something tearing indide my heart

Yet one day such creatures might all swim free
Peaceful coexistence - no fear, no need to hide
Ourselves and whales together side by side

What have we done

I'm lost for words when I think of the depths to which we sink
Sometimes there just seem to be no depths to which our species will not sink. Surely, in this day and age, we should be seeking to establish meaningful and constructive relationships with other higher intelligences like dolphins and whales. Instead, however, we seen intent on either exterminating them or roping them in to our sick, perverted power games. How anyone can take friendly, playful wild dolphins and cold-bloodedly turn them into drug addicted killing machines is almost beyond comprehension. Yet people do it.
Cold death flies from harpoon gun - The sea turns red - What have we done?
A horrific death by harpoon - Scientific research? Blue whales, the largest animals on the Earth, have already been hunted to virtual extinction while sperm whales (who are also highly intelligent creatures with complex social organisation and even their own culture) have found themselves bruttaly slaughtered by rich scum like Aristotle Onassis, the sick evil scumbag who even went so far as to use the penises of sperm whales to make his luxury yacht's bartools.
Poison and kill - We are the ones - See what we do - What have we done?
Not content with exterminating the most intelligent form of marine life, we are also doing a pretty good job of killing everything else in the sea as well. Radioactive waste, oil slicks, heavy metals, chemical spillages - We're turning the oceans into radioactive cesspit. There are already upwards of fifty nuclear warheads and nine nuclear reactors lost on the seabed. Pollute and kill - Is that all that mankind can do?

World Park Antarctica

I asked them why the wilderness had to die
Their replay to me showed the reason was naked greed.
Mass action could stop them - But you've got to start it
World Park status for the Antarctica.
They rape and plunder whatever they find - Sea polluted and minerals mined. Poisoned animals slowly die as they suck Antarctica dry.
Cumoan chris - Gie it laldy ya raj!!
And the factory ships set sail - A death sentence for the whale
And as the sea turns to red yet more life blood is shed.
Park proposals are greeted with mirth by those who rape our Earth
So will you really just stand by and watch the last great wilderness die?
Antarctica - twelve million square kilometers of the last almost untouched wilderness left on Earth. It is thus vital that it is protected from greed of those who would turn it into a vast open-cast mineral mine. Unchallenged, such commercial exploitation will simply kill this continent. Toxic waste will be pumped into the seas (as the Americans are already doing at their base at McMurdo Sound), rubbish will be simply thrown away and the inevitable oil disasters similary to the Exxon Valdez in Alaska will ruin the coastal ecology. Then, goverments and multinationals will move on, leaving it poisoned and scarred - Only one thing stands in their way - You.

Five songs about environmental issues in an album dedicated to the defence of our Earth. The majority of these songs have extensive narrative parts, so our comments are superfluous. We only notify the first song "Thin Green Line" about the non-violent action and ecosabotage which were classified as "terrorism" in USA, under a totalitarian policy against green activistic groups which reminds Macarthism against communism in 50s.

you can hear some songs in myspace

One of these songs is called "Stop the vivisection now", but we couldn't find the lyrics. Vivisection is a cruel, unscientific practice against animals and sometimes involves health hazards to patients. But it continues to exist because of many purposes (investments, carriers, avoidance of responsibility, etc), but especially because of humans' superiority attitude towards other forms of life. You can read more about this fraud of animal experimentation in the following websites:
Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine
The scientific case against animal experiments


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