Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

12 September, 2008

Album: “Third World Genocide” by Nuclear Assault (2005)

Third World Genocide

They come to rule and not by chance
Aided by a bloodied lance
No elections needed here
Such things mundane are not their way
A thousand rivals lying dead
And their families starved, decayed
No relief by foreign aid
A poisoned dagger is their way

Government by those who kill
And then collect from U.N. tills
They live on aid and ask for more
When all it does is pay for way

So carefree
Your killing spree
I must be blind I can't see
Tell me what is human life worth

The skies cry bloody tears

A dramatic description of the situation in a third world country. Dictatorships, coup d etat, mass assassinations, violent guerrillas, pain, diseases, starvation and survival through foreign pittance as help.

Eroded Liberty

Welcome to the age of an American empire
Not a day will pass when bombs don't seem to fly
Scream about the rights of victims and their pain
But your actions are where the causes lay

Don't like what we have done - we're not the only ones
before you raise you rage - look closely at your past

Algeria and Viet Nam - Africa the Middle East
English ships and the slave trade - now tell me who's the beast

European leaders wringing their own hands
Set aside as powers in the holy land
To Europe we are lacking in sophistication
Are we another shitty little country

Don't like we have done - we're not the only ones
Before you raise your rage - look closely at your past

South East Asia and India
Aztec Mayan and Incan worlds
Chinese hooked an opium
Sacrificed for the old world ways

Belief in their empire covers them in cloth
Forget their powers and morals for the part
History shows us this has always been our harm
When we put up with this and the UN in charge

Don't like we have done - we're not the only ones
Before you raise your rage - look closely at your past

America your enemy
To heal your leaders tell
But for your own demands
You need our power as well

USA is the bloodied imperium today and such a blame is of course fair, but “he who is sinless let him first cast the stone”. Historically, European countries have also created extreme bloodied imperia and sent conquerors all over the world and in American natives. Certain socio-political circumstances raise certain imperia and of course no common people is guilty for it in the past.
In reality, all people are responsible for their today world situation but to the extent that they give their consent or support certain policies and re-elect war supporters leaders, and for
big fluctuations and hypocrisy in their attitudes towards a powerful country when they are going to receive any kind of help (economical, political, etc) from this country.
Thus, political slogans like “Americans! People’s Murderers!” that cried out in Europe and also literally blame all people with American citizenship for collective responsibility are blameworthy in any way. There is also the “Other” America, that of social, anti-war and anti-G8/WTO movements and ecological activism.

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