Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

06 September, 2008

Album: “Supernova” by Liquid Blue (2004)


Population overload,
treading in a fragile zone
Ozone layer disappearing,
predictions that the end is nearing

Time to take a little ride,
faster than the speed of light
Visiting new solar systems,
to find a place we can exist in

Bossa Supernova, bossa supernova,
dancing on a shrinking planet
Doing the bossa Supernova, oh yeah

Rain forests are getting thin,
roads and houses built within
Scientists say take some action,
politicians no reaction

Six billion faces crowded in,
earth resources growing thin
One third of people unemployed,
animal species being destroyed

Pollution in our lakes and streams,
pollution is in everything
Gotta catch a ship to Mars
or somewhere out beyond the star

A very beautiful song that counts the major environmental problems that threat planet Earth and consequently all of us and points people's indifference. They ironically propose to abandon Earth and fly to another planets. Of course such a perspective is foolish from many reasons, the most serious is that if that would become possible in near future, we’ll simply destroy the new habitat because we’ll also carry with us our greedy minds and destructive attitudes.


Clear water dreams,
seems like a memory fading slowly
Warning signs on the beach,
it’s just another day here in paradise lost (lost)

When, will the tides turn,
and can we ever learn,
or here we go again

I can’t believe that we’re turning away,
Leaving this debt for the children to pay
What used to be wild, it was simple and clean
When will we rescue, the sea

Blue and the green,
that sand of white and the sunshine baby
Colors pristine,
but fading fast as we move into darkness lately

When, will the tides turn,
and can we ever learn,
or here we go again

When will we rescue,
When will we rescue, the sea
I can’t fight this feeling growing stronger everyday
We all share the same planet anyways

When, will the tides turn,
and can we ever learn,
or here we go again

I hope we can find,
those magic words that could change their minds

Another call for environmental awareness. This band is quite interesting because it combines mainstream dance music with sociopolitical and ecological issues.

We read in wikipedia about this band:

Liquid Blue is an American indie pop rock band formed in San Diego, California in 1996 by Scott Stephens & Michael Vangerov. The group holds the official world record as “the most traveled band”, having performed in 100 countries on six continents ”, and are more popular in parts of Asia and Europe than in their home c...ountry (USA). The band was "certified green" by the County of San Diego in May 2009. The group’s use of Eastern Indian instruments (tabla, sitar, kanun) and scales are unique in pop music with Liquid Blue being one of the first groups to record an entire album blending East Indian music with western pop/rock. Liquid Blue’s somewhat limited number of recordings all contain “socially conscious” lyrics as primary songwriter Scott Stephens refuses to write any human love songs. The band seems to be on a permanent tour and has been criticized for not spending more time at home writing and recording. Tracks from their highly acclaimed debut album, Supernova, have been included on 20 separate compilation CD’s.
You can hear "Supernova" among other songs from this album in myspace

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