Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

27 September, 2008

Woman in the window: A previously unreleased Jim Morrison's song that was used in a 2007 Global warming campaign

Woman in the Window

I am the woman
In the window
See the children

Soldier sailor
Young man on your way
To the summer
Swimming pool

Can you see me standing?
In my window
Can you see me

Come upstairs sir to your room and I will play for you

Oh dreamland
golden scene land
Try to sleep lamb
Take us to dreamland

I am unhappy
Far from my woman-
Just try and stop us
We’re going to Love
Just try and stop us
We’re going to love
Just try and stop us
We’re going to love

Eat at my table
She cried to the vineyard
Calling the workers
Home from the meadow

Man you are evil
Get out of my garden
Just try and stop us
We’re going to Love

Just try and stop us
We’re going to love
Cover us over

Open your window
Woman of Palestine
Throw down your raiment
And cover us over

Riding the prairie
Just me and my angel-
Just try and stop us
We’re going to Love
Just try and stop us
We’re going to lov

We read in NME about this song:

Perry Farrell, John Densmore of The Doors and actor Josh Hartnett helped launch the Global Cool campaign today (January 30) at simultaneous press conferences in Los Angeles and London.

These artists join a host of others including Kasabian, The Killers, KT Tunstall and Scissor Sisters who are involved in promoting Global Cool's mission to "save the planet" by encouraging individuals to reduce their carbon emissions by 10 billion tons over 10 years.

"Global Cool is helping us make it uncool not to be green," said Densmore, who was involved in the creation of the campaign's theme song, 'Woman in the Window'.

The track features vocals from The Doors' Jim Morrison with background music recorded by Farrell's new band, Satellite Party. The song was debuted at the conference.

"We're happy to donate 'Woman in the Window' as the theme song for such an exciting project," Farrell told NME.COM.

"Jim (Morrison) saw the trouble in the world, but he knew that we guide our own destinies. And that's what we're doing. No one can stop us from saving energy, saving money and saving the planet."

Global Cool encourages individuals to reduce their energy consumption by doing simple things each day such as turning out lights, unplugging mobile phone chargers, and turning down heating by one degree.

"A little done by a lot of people adds up to a hell of a lot," said Global Cool CEO Julian Knight.

Global Cool will soon announce a series of live musical events throughout the world featuring bands such as Kasabian, Scissor Sisters and KT Tunstall to help promote energy-saving messages and further Global Cool's mission.

You can hear this song in youtube with a Perry Farrell's message


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