Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

08 May, 2008

Album: Chemical invasion by Tankard, 1987

Don't Panic

Do you care for the world we live in?
Are you aware?
Death! Kill! war's running rampant
Kill! Die! your children are dead
But there's a cause - that's what they tell us
So they lie
Off to war - inflicting terror
Millions die

Let they say: Nothing's wrong at Chernobyl
And they've found another cure for AIDS
Send their guns to Nicaragua
And shake their fingers at Afghanistan
Don't panic - it's just our world

Fatal disease killing society
Safe sex!
No! Hope! They're all drossy cured
Last! Chance! Time's running out
Russian meltdown - people dying
Is it fair?
poison clouds - water our cities
Loss of fair

An ironic song about authorities' efforts to still our fears of successive wars, of environmental disasters, etc

Chemical Invasion

German beer's among the finest
The beer is pure and chemical free
A standard set which we are proud of
A standard met by no other land
Purity laws and chemical free
No body pollution - no change!
Preservatives shall soon be common
And the beer will be bastardized

Cnemical invasion
Fight for your right to drink pure beer
Cnemical invasion
It's your right the time is here

Make a stand and try to fight it
They'll poison us with import beer
'Cause German beer - it is the purest
And there's no room for chemical here
Purity laws and chemical free
No body pollution - no change!
No loss for us - refuse to buy it
We'll rather keep our bodies clean

A humouristic song that deals with people's longing for chemical free traditionally made, biological/organic food and drink. The song is inpired by the controversy of one of the oldest food quality regulations about beer production in Germany the Reinheitsgebot

You can hear Chemical invasion among others in myspace

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candiru - stratis aigaiopelagitis said...

Tankard is a German thrash band which is notorious about the worship of beer and alcohol. No matter the fact that the majority of their songs refered to beer-drinking and night life, they seem to be sociopolitically and environmentally aware having written great lyrics about sociopolitical and environmental items as well.