Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

02 May, 2008

Album: World Circus by Toxik, 1988

Haunted Earth

They are here to take away
The visions of our future
With their words of empty praise, of peace
Politicians butcher
You know your mind is bending
With your stare so blind
You're here to do their bidding, to kill
All that's left behind

We must always live
For our earth
Haunted Earth
We shall never be
The same again
Haunted Earth

Turn your cheek and they will smite you
At their lords command
From the book of forgotten prophets, you sin
Sinners will be damned
Machines of death will reap the slayer's harvest
The body count is high

Ten thousand souls are lost forever, in Hell
Where no one dies

The dogs of war are howling at you
Can't you see the signs?
The art of war is an ancient syndrome, of death
For all mankind
They raise the curtain of the act violence
They take their final bow
Twisting bows of propaganda, they speak
As if they're proud

All the album is about the cold war era and the nuclear threat between the two powers (USA vs USSR). This song makes hints about our dependence from our planet.

World Circus

USSR and United States represent all
Biggest nation, main attraction
The people holding the bail
Some small sweaty country
Is where the first acts will all die
Out of the air into despair
That's how the circus survives

Oh, but we could save us all
Forget their religion and think for yourselves
Once, and for all, before the...

World Circus/World Circus

Lights, Flashing
Ash, fills the air
Open, the sky is bleeding
Circus, is everywhere

Breathe in the air of disgust
And it will make you gag
Chemicals, they're filling the air

Money in some fat man's bag the illness that infects your immunes
And leaves you quite dead
Who'd believe, who'd have conceived
Our book was already read

Oh, but God can save us all
And if you believe you're a fool, and surely
Will fall, to the...

World Circus/World Circus

In the center ring

Their most representative song about the USA/USSR conflict. A metaphor of the cold war, the nuclear armament and the threat of a nuclear holocaust as a fatal performance in a circus which is attended by pathetic inactive spectators. Today we still be inactive TV spectators of the circus performances all over the world ("spectacular" invisible planes, clever bombs, any kind of military high technology) by the surviving power and its endless wars for "human rights", "world peace" and "against terrorism" in Irak, Palestine, Kosovo, Afganistan, etc, spreading depleted uranium instead of heavy nuclear weapons.

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