Eco-communities as a social vision

Eco-communities as a social vision
Egalitarian and ecological communities, like the pictured East Wind (, are very close to our vision of an ecological society

04 May, 2008

Nuclear Assault 1987, 1988

EP The Plague 1987

The Plague

"When the weapons are stronger
Than their masters"

There will come a day
When all are killed
A fate that we all share
A prophecy of doom fulfilled
With no-one left to care
A weapon that should not be used
Because there's no control
A plague ensures that both sides lose
A monster with no soul

It reaches out in the night
Preying on its victims
No way to survive
You'll die of the plague

A hell that now has come to earth
Where must the blame now lie
A government that sponsors death
A science against life
They claim to protect us from harm
I say that they all lie
They claim for peace we must be armed
With weapons they devise

It reaches out in the night
Preying on its victims
No way to survive

Now there are but a few left
To live among the dead
They survived while most men died
Including those who led
A virus can't discriminate
It kills all it infects
And for those who have survived
There isn't much now left

It reaches out in the night
Preying on its victims
No way to survive
You'll die of the plague

A song about the threat of a biological war between the great powers of cold war era. OK, the cold war era is over, but the threat of a terroristic biological attack is quite possible and so simple.

Album: Survive 1988


Radio, an insidious form,
helps shape your thoughts
making you conform

Programming music easy listening,
help you achieve that moronic grip
Playing you regurgitated pap,
selling products that are mostly crap

Rarely hearing music you want to hear,
it bas an effect over all these years
Why don't you think for yourself
Live in this self made Hell

Television, the idiot tube,
helps to raise our children as fools

Watch the news see what they want you to see,
our awareness is limited by network
Moronic sit-coms and one-sided news
alter your feeling give you conformist views

Why can't you get that garbage out of your head,
you'd better off to read a good book instead

Newspapers, what do they say,
Not much I think when they want school kids to pray
Getting the facts from some daily news,
you hate the system but adhere to its view

Blaming the dead because they can't complain,
shielding officials holding them above
You'd better wake up and see what's plain to see,
or end up a willing part of the machine


Look around tell me what you see,
we are products of technology
The nuclear age has left its mark,
it's up to us to avoid the dark

You don't care what's around
You you're blind and deaf
Just sit back and watch TV
Don't care what you're seeing
Whey can't you look around
And see your surroundings
Learn to think for yourself

Hear without listening,
see without seeing,
ignoring parts of reality
I'm wasting my time,
I'm wasting my breath,
on people who choose ignorance

Two songs about our manipulation by Mass media and Technology. The bombardment of informaton, especially with the new technologies seems to have exactly the opossite effect: We became more inactive, more ignorant, by exceeding our capacity to validate them.

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